About Moulton Glass

Moulton Glass' roots start about 15 years ago, when Andy took some evening classes in Stained Glass and instantly fell in love. In our family home we had an unused outhouse that used to be the outside wash house and loo, but he converted it into a modern workshop full of space and light to get creating.

Clare was dragged in to help many a time as a teenager and reluctantly admitted defeat and actually really enjoyed making bits and helping out!

Fast forward 10 years or so and Andy and Debbie (the wife/mother) sold the house (Clare still hasn't forgiven them) and we're now renting a fantastic workshop space in The Makers Quarter in Salford. 

We've started up Moulton Glass again properly this time, and Clare has been busy making better business cards, updating websites and social media and we're excited to have just launched on Etsy. Full steam ahead!


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